6:02am mind so focused on god plan forgot too draw in bible this morning
8:08am first direct light touch s
8:34am (home) πŸ‘ went on a bike ride so πŸ‘ could observe humans and civilization for the god plan this man self contained he becomes the earth circling sol
10:23am kratom from deer ross and katie ☺️
12:32pm πŸ‘ poot chocolate mushrooms magic wrapped in a handwritten buddhist poem gift by sweet angel warm
12:46pm made tea have a hold universe too create by today's sunset and πŸ‘ ⏱ by posting mushroom tea recipes☺️
tea for space coconut milk oat milk cloves cinnamon chocolate mushroom magic concentrated oil from pandam leafs mix drink from as high altitude as pisfinle
3:37pm πŸ‘ don't use a broom or swifter or vacuum get down on knees and sweep the floor with my fingers and than throw the dust into the fire πŸ‘ tink its beautyfull all the bits of life and half life and death cookie crumbs, pubic hair and tea leafs bits of skin snow dust ∞
the room that πŸ‘ am sweeping in is also about the same size as the room πŸ‘ will bee installing in new york city by intimately cleaning and repairing the space with just my bare hands πŸ‘ preparing too jump space and time in the room in california so that πŸ‘ can work across dimensions and work in new york city too
7:07pm last direct light touch s (garrick and tea hand, east west bank)
7:19pm after the sunset with garrick and skeleton with bits of the lake peeking still