one of my little favorite tings 👁 doo is read the sunday routines in the new york times. they have been featuring front line workers recently and this sundae morning 👁 read the sunday routine of david van de carr (whose name rhymes with emily carr). he works as a respiratory therapist at mount sinai hospital in new york city.
"i've been waking up earlier, about 4:45. i dont sleep very well. i have one cup of coffee. in the shower i say a morning prayer. i ask god to be relieved of the bondage of self so that i may better serve others."
david van de carr
tinking a lot aboot this online exhibition we are aboot too share... why am 👁 dooing this? is it too pay rent and food and the netflix subscription? too show off my opinion of tings? terence! dont forget! every moment is the choice between god and self, this responsibility matters even for an online exhibition empty yoor self so god enters this is the ultimate and only purpose of beeing human in so beeing, yoo help others unite with love
"the choice of saints and angels" 8:36am      from the little notebook