first direct light touch 8:09am b
a few days ago the song "the transfiguration" by sufjan stevens found 👁 our secular? family has been listening and dancing to the track on repeat as 👁 research into the story of the song; the transfiguration moment of jesus
one day jesus brought the disciples john, james and peter up the mountain at the top jesus started glowing until his body turned colorless and his face was bright as the sun a light so bright the disciples had too shield their eyes from the blinding light 👁 understand this light as representing true reality and tink of the disciples as representing conditioned h u m a n s
then at jesus's glowing side appear moses (law) elijah (prophets) a bright cloud speaks "this is my beloved sun son, with whom 👁 am well pleased; 👂 to him" listen truly listen 👁 👁ve been wondering about this christian transfiguration moment to buddhist enlightenment in the 2nd century saint irenaeus was fascinated by the transfiguration and wrote: "the glory of god is a live human being and a truly human life is the vision of god" the living moment in matthew 22:32 jesus proclaims god "is the god of the living, not the dead"
moses and elijah were already dead long ago on the day jesus brought his disciples up the mountain in the ultimate reality of the living light the physically dead moses and elijah are fully alive in the blinding of the truth light humans realize life and death are interconnected the physical body of jesus "and his garments became white as the light" matthew 17:2 in the presence realization of god the human body becomes an empty vessel beyond time too bee love it's 11:27am now how doo 👁 fucking draw this?
how to draw god as a symbol when god is knot a symbol? every drawing gonna bee a failure why bother?
at the point when/where the last direct ray of light touch 👁 float in a dark circle and there it grazed my forehead 2:20pm b