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"08 feb 21" the transfiguration story cut out from black paper, sunlight activates "his face shining as the sun, and his garments became white as the light" matthew 17:2 this cutout is meant too bee sealed under two sheets of glass so that sunlight and everchanging life activates jesus and the figure
オサカ基地で 蜂オサカ基地 蜂は 人間 です 人
間 で す
[option] float drawing with fishing wire than the drawing lines flow in 3 d
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a letter from the future
good morning ☀️ there is one figure want too write about 08 feb 21 yoo mentioned in the last conversation... ...too sea beautiful drawings doo yoo mean a beauty that is from intellect, emotions, our personal aesthetic values? from personal exploration the true meaning of beauty is nothing like the word beautiful we usually mean in normal language but beauty that is intertwined with truth and though beauty and truth are the same 👁 wood rather my drawings bee called truthful rather than beautiful the cutout from the black paper of "08 feb 21" is the story of the transfiguration of christ with moses and isiah in the hands and the disciples climbing up the mountain made of my thighs, jesus flowing in all 5 points of the body, and god as a cut out cloud where my head is this drawing is truthful because having touched the living nature of god personally without superstition or religious beliefs, 👁 understood "his face shining as the sun, and his garments became white as the light" matthew 17:2 that the nature of god can only be connected through everchanging life/light as all the drawings are meant too bee sealed between two sheets of glass, when one looks at the cutout 👁 hope that sunlight can pierce through the tears in the black paper and "represent" god and jesus in the drawing as living ever changing light this drawing is truthful because "the transfiguration" has been depicted for centuries by artists in so many very beautiful images but my contribution in this evolution is simply too let the real light true so god can shine love t 9:03am from 24 feb too 08 feb