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👁 crashed a fancy art dinner party and was talking too a fancy big curator. 👁 said that 👁 truly belief that this very moment, right in front of our 👁👁👁👁 what we sea /observe now is the most beautyfull painting, photograph, performance, poetry, dance, music in existence. every living moment any human is capable of this possibility, so why doo we need art? instead of devoting all this energy too what we call art now, we shood really bee figuring out how every individual is capable of beeing an artist. than we don't need artists and others too make sense of the world for us. all of us are capable of opening our selfs up too all the possibilities of existence. that's where we shood bee concentrating our energy instead of this ting we call art today that is so easily corrupted by ego, capitalism, power and all the traps of a pre-conditioned civilization. art is just a stepping stone in our evolution of a species and eventually it wood bee unnecessary beecause it wood completely (((((disappear)))))) integrate into life itself. the fancy big curator avoided me like the plaque for the rest of the evening. 10:51am oo e