first direct light touch 8:21am s a ear ago the world health organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic
past 11 mar 20
today 11 mar 21
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which is time and which is love?
"express, express, express, lead on up through the picture. god is trying to get through, trying to speak. swing the thought through the whole, no abrupt disharmonies, transitions. a bird flies straight with ever flapping wings till it has reached its goal. then it is finished and rests till the next idea of action comes to it and away again to fresh goal, forgetting its last flight. only its wings are kept strong and ready by every flight.” emily carr 31 dec 1933
11:59am first sketch
"11 mar 21" oil pastel, pencil, pigments over black pigment rubbed black paper
am 👁 suppose too bee a clear light helping others trapped in time? instead my light is scattershot and some times foggy perfect!
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