6:02am (photo from the nytimes today) physical distancing while worshipping at mecca
8:01am the world burns and nothing is born
11:51am translation from the bible diary into computer fonts involves loss of senses
11:51am in the state of dream and sleep the silent voice lit a little light and when 👁 woke up 👁 was gonna dive deep into an essay of the self and one´s place in the universe instead when 👁 sat down too type this essay, temptation/time tempted 👁 and 👁 pressed the nytimes button and got sucked into the delicious taste of the news now there is no essay and drawing and the deadlines of the ordinary world, art fair tings, emails, have crept noisily in 👁 am reminded of the temptations and diversions along the heroine's journey and also this passage in aldous huxley´s   "the perennial philosophy"
"listening four or five times a day to newcasters and commentators, reading the morning papers and all the weeklies and monthlies - nowadays, this is described as "taking an intelligent interest in politics" saint john of the cross would have called it indulgence in idle curiosity and the cultivation of disquietude for disquietude´s sake"
refreshing the nytimes! pressing the instagram button for endorphine likes hits! checking weather.com for tommorow´s weather! these are all god-eclipsing
the yummiest ting has no refresh or taste or sensation
noon waiting for the direct light
5:43pm for a brief moment in an all cloud day the sun pierced true and first direct light was also last direct light