first direct light touch 7:45am e
🍯 on the light page morning 🐝🎁
woke up aroond 4:30am too draw the bottom squiggle lines in a rage #abstractragefromfigurativeartist
opened 🐝 hive for first time as we had too treat for varroa combs were heavy with 🍯 working with bees calmed me from the morning
garrick cut my 🦁 hair physical ego lighter
this brave 🐝 wood'nt stop attacking and kamakazing us after we opened the hive. 🐝 don't have someting as primitive as a political or warrior class like we do. they don't have names, concepts, hierarchy about worker 🐝 , queen 🐝 , nurse 🐝 , guard 🐝. their civilization exist without symbols and concepts and somehow living goes on and it seems a lot more successfully. we have much too learn from the 🐝. this aggressive bee (she's just bravely dooing her gift protecting her family) wood probably bee in human terms a republican bee? but without our conditioned need for competition, aggression, division, bee civilization accepts the unique traits of each individual. each 🐝 contributes too the "we" of society based on their unique "i" all of the energy that humans spend on politics, advertising, defense, building walls, hiring lawyers, competing, posturing with each other........ if that energy was transferred than wood'nt it generate ⚑️tremendous new forms of energy?⚑️ energy we haven't even discovered and thus powering a true utopia?
walking the streets these covid days is strange