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why do we fear death? why is it someting too bee avoided? the nature of the civilizatioon we were born in is too accumulate; life experiences, memories, money, power, status, knowledge, beautyfull works of art, poetry, books, friends, lovers, yummy foods, yummier entertainment and ever yummier distractions… anyting too get distracted from our mortality! forms of distractions - easier - options - expand - society progresses lets wobble my friends : )
these every body stay at home days, what wood have been most interesting is if at the same time there was no internet too. wood the feeling of time change? wood time itself change? wood 👁 than change? waking up now with nothing too doo will we watch the morning light awake without a single thought? without the digital news will we listen too the stories of the birds, or the silence of bacteria and viruses blowing in the breeze?
will we take the time too spend the whole day looking at our hands? deeper, deeper until noticing that our cells are dying and birthing at the same time? life and death go hand in hand 👁 observe. o! fearing death is fearing life too! begin glorious day 9:21am, 14 of april oo e