garrick, gilbert (gilbert looks almost like skeleton now!) in our old, old, old apartment deep in chinatown. this was right before fame and fortune hit the fan and hear we all are sharing a meal at the only table in the home. 馃憗 remember that garrick and 馃憗 shared the same table too work on as there was no room or money too doo otherwise. 鈴别煉ㄢ彵 this is future me speaking from 06 dec 2020: the funny ting is 16 ears later now in 2020 馃憗 had thought that by this point in my life 馃憗 wood bee living in a mid-century home overlooking a lake with two adopted eurasian kids. but here we are now in another tiny one bedroom rental and we still semi-share the same work space and we still have a white cat and we are still just as broke if knot even poorer. the path of life is unexpected isn't it?