from the daily notebook
👁 wonder whats in the air this early now that gifts them that extra juice of life? the animals live in the bliss of animal existence, always in the moment. though we human live mostly caught in the cage of our thoughts of the past & future, we have the gift of transcending our selfs from past, future and present too the timeless. too the reunion with god. why doo we ignore this gift even though its free? beecause sugar is yummy, beecause we have a tummy. our imperfect vessel that we forget is a time machine. the birds singing loudly now are mostly invisible and too touch infinity with our mortality is most difficult. but opening up the ears/body/mind completely 👁 know now is knot impossible. 19 april 20 7:43am e
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headed too the office up the mountain during "safer at home" (today we return raven's feathers home)