when   👁 wasn't   looking a nest   on a mountain found   me a little walk from the   city home. every day 👁 pack   a peanut butter and jam sandwich,   the travelling art briefcase, notebooks, camera, field recorder and head up the mountain. first along sunset boulevard, than up a side road, true fields, some homes, and a hidden path of valleys up up up   on the way breath everyting and use all our senses without a single thought. in this way we forget   our   self   and   beecome   love
👁 heaven yet but dreaming
emily carr and vincent van gogh join me for the walk up the mountain and toogather we look up at the 🌞 and the invisible trails of the earthworms under our feet                                 reunion god our different ways light shining same none time between                                                           cradle born                                                                                 mountain          untouched history float burn yoor soul grow root up wok rock soap swipe viral waves clean as                                 clock people walking blind
                                seeking nothing true                                 22 apr 20 oo 1:49pm e
road up ghost
from the little mountain travel book