9:29am first direct light touch s
1:53pm every morning as soon as 👁 wake up 👁 draw in the empty bible a facet of god
2:49pm garrick poking a hole too reveal the spirit at the edge where the body touches the mind (clever garrick poked the hole too reveal god at the humble toe instead of the obvious head and heart)
3:05pm garrick under the bonsai tree totem with cat bird post-human honeybee in a single moment in time
zoom (bird)
zoom (bee)
3:56pm skeleton between flowers for mary lou (left) and flowers from catherine opie too garrick (right)
4:08pm receive a text from ross simonini about time from an interview we did togather for sfmoma
the most difficult performance too perform is knot in front of an audience at the museum of modern art but for the cashier next time yoo are at the grocery store. transform yourself from merely human too love any moment in daily life. the most difficult performance is the forgetting of the self anytime, anyplace... than a simple smile too a grocery cashier is the most beautyfull performance and dance in the world.
5:51pm a shaft of light reflecting from the lake touching family of tree
6:31pm break space and time by touching the rising half moon too the setting sunlight of the cherry blossoms
アイ アム ダンシング でも影がない 目が動いてるけど何も考え はな い
6:56pm last direct light touch s