sea the roll with the gold why ๐Ÿ‘ don't know one
shouldn't make art for any purpose otherwise yoo cage your babys in time friend wonder artist mike o s e r h o u t :
9:24am first direct light touch s ๐Ÿ‘ wrapped a dark cloth all around body this morning so that no direct light accidentally touched ๐Ÿ‘ till ๐Ÿ‘ reached the lamp post in the garden than my hand reached out from the dark too touch the lamp as the first light finally touched ๐Ÿ‘
10:21am gandhi asked krishnamurti too help with the people of india and k replied that his concern was too free all the people of the earth knot just one race
11:32am while washing the dishes with honey a lady came too visit bees and birds and rabbits buzz and fly and hop hop aroond โฑtinkโฑ shaman or healer or special poop! don't belief in these tings superstition or astrology it's just beeing just our senses and thought all we are born with that's the real magic
4:56pm (lamp that shared the first light)
5:19pm discovered the "shigir idol" 12,500 years old worldโ€™s oldest wooden sculpture and earliest known work of ritual art
auto mirroring
7:01pm last direct light touch s