"soul exchange between jack pierson and terence koh"
garrick and 👁 went too say hello too jack pierson in malibu on sundae. the conversation turned too the thesophists and how krishnamurti was choosen from out of a crowd of children on a random beach. the children are in the drawing on the right as the little black figures except for one glowing yellow figure.
👁 told jack about the enlightenment moment of john genet; the incident when he was in a train compartment and for a brief moment exchanged souls with the person sitting opposite him through their 👁👁 "this exchange revealed to jean that he, jean, was not a singular, extraordinary being but in fact someone much like everyone else." in between jack and 👁 and our 👁s was a vase of red geraniums. in the drawing 👁 took charcoal and ash [action] too trace a line between the flower t r u e
as the instant of time between jack s o u l
and koh s o u l
this drawing/action is that single moment in malibu between two friends/beeings.