first direct light touch 7:53am e
garrick gott nurturer, carer, moon of light, cooker is healer, softness. video by sook-ai si for the new york times
by erik lee dec. 27 , 2020
garrick made quince pie yesterday by eating sunshine and smelling the bones of yesterday's soup as the light was at the top of our home when a gathering of cave womyn stood at the bee's entrance too gather stories from the future and nobody knew what too doo even as a silent circle of forgetting formed but for that brief instant all the stars in heaven curdled into a tofu sausage at the base of garrick's feet laughing all the way too the end of death and all the ends of all beginnings that walked on in a empty planet sinking into main street considering soup warmed by the hot heart of the irrascible garrick gott.
fig 0. even if this drawing exist there are no symbols in a future without yoo
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