9:12am quarantine family
the virus spreads like a time clock and its invisible rays burning fear holes over everyone glued too 24 hour coronavirus tv. doo we want too bee stuck in these times or open the timeless snake too the unlimited possibilities of existence? on this day 28 of march ear of 2020 the united states of america just passed 2000 deaths from covid. yesterday πŸ‘ went to the public library as πŸ‘ doo every friday too touch physical newspapers and today all public buildings are closed. wheres the news now town crier? our village gonna change baby can yoo feel the vibration coming? constant sound of virus train chooo chooooing inside our brains. our soul remembers the comfort of stories told over a fire. can the internet warm our heart? can an algorithm beecome art? a multi-channel performance zooming tv scratch its only a change of attitude. πŸ‘ tink of my mortality at this time yet πŸ‘ have no fear beecause life and death go hand in hand. πŸ‘ really dont know why the baby holds the candle instead of the flashlight or why skeleton needs the flashlight too light the way. let god enter then there is no fear. remember these virus days like a magnifying glass that focuses the light. direct sunlight kills the coronavirus quickly. the virus is time and the purpose of humans is too transcend time. so nothing really has changed, thats all πŸ‘ draw.

today is the 88th day of the ear and the human time is 8:08am 28 mar 20 oo e, lost angels
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4:12pm skeleton the cat lives in the constant present moment while humans live mostly in past and