first direct light touch 9:03am b 👁 smoke a spliff and in the left hand an apple seed and the right hand a weed seed and let the first light flow into 👁 after a stormy night (plant seeds after light touch)
🌧 all night brief moment of crisp sunshine before thunderstorm in this strange bubble 👁 saw a line off blackbirds quietly bathing in wetness and sunlight there was an eternal calmness and time stopped and than the ego the self time came roaring in and 👁 was fuck it instead of usual zazen tai chi fresh juice ↓
baking drawing💧 pulling sinnamon buns 🔥
rain line this ⏱ preserve figure 🌧last🌧melt🌧figure🌧 place on baking foil snazzy sound wonder if the energy of this sound soaks into the drawing and flow out into a future viewer?
new kind of heart
was gonna erase the charcoal outline of the figure but than envisioned the alchemy of 🔥charcoal🔥 burning up mixing with 💧 f a l l i n g d o w n
"29 jan 21" rice paper, rain, charcoal, wind